Google firm on “leaving no Thai behind”

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Google firm on “leaving no Thai behind”

Nov 14. 2019
Google has reaffirmed its commitment to leave no Thai behind.

Google has reaffirmed its commitment to leave no Thai behind.
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Google has reaffirmed its commitment to “Leave No Thai Behind”, highlighting initiatives that will help more Thai people and businesses participate in the growth and opportunities of the digital economy at the second annual Google for Thailand event today (November 14).

Google’s initiatives span across four pillars: access, digital skilling, localised content/local products, and SMEs – designed to ensure that all Thais would have equal opportunities to access technology and use it to unlock digital opportunities.

Mike Jittivanich, head of Marketing of Google Thailand, has launched two digital skilling programmes under the company’s Grow with Google global economic opportunity umbrella. The new programmes specific to Thais include Primer, an app providing simple training in foundational business and digital marketing skills, and Skillshop, an e-learning platform for Google products. Jittivanich also launched Be Internet Awesome, a programme designed to teach kids to explore the internet safely and confidently. Thailand is the first country in Asia to have the programme in its local language.

Another major announcement is Google’s expansion of its research into harnessing AI for detecting diabetic retinopathy. There are 4.5 million diabetic patients in Thailand, but only 1,500 eye doctors can detect the disease.

Dr Fred Hersh, programme manager of Google Health, said that since the study began in December 2018, Google and its partners – the Rajavithi Hospital, Department of Medical Services and the Ministry of Public Health have expanded their study from one clinic to eight clinics in three Thai provinces (Bangkok, Pathum Thani, and Chiang Mai).

Google also unveiled its most recent culture project in Thailand, the Hidden Fruits exhibit, which is the 5th installment in the Front Palace collection that Google Arts & Culture launched in September. Working closely with the Department of Fine Arts under the support of Thanpuying Sirikitiya Jensen, Google was able to capture high resolution images of the murals in the impressive Buddhaisawan Chapel using their Art Camera technology.

The ultra-high resolution capabilities of the camera results into “gigapixel” imagery made up of over one billion pixels, allowing Thais to see and experience upclose the intricate details of their rich culture online.

For its access initiative, Google said that its free WiFi programme, Google Station, which was launched last year, is now available in over 100 venues nationwide, including markets, malls, airports, and also in key ground transport hubs, connecting Thais to commerce all over the country.

Lastly, Google announced that more Thai SMEs can now have a presence online. Their collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce will allow Thai SMBs who are listed under Blue Flag and to sign up and be verified for Google My Business, a free tool enabling businesses be found on Google Search and Google Maps.

In addition, Google has expanded its partnership with Siam Commercial Bank where SMEs can be verified on Google My Business using SCB Easy app, starting end of November 2019.

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