Feel more secure with MacroEye

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Feel more secure with MacroEye

Nov 14. 2019
Jeerawut Wongpimonporn

Jeerawut Wongpimonporn

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“Improved security in daily life” is the promise of MacroEye, a face-recognition system offered by Thailand-based technological firm Coding Hub and Yitu, a Chinese artificial intelligence researcher-developer.

Coding Hub managing director Jeerawut Wongpimonporn points out that Yitu “won” a test of face-recognition technology run by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology “for the third time in a row”.

The system includes School Time, Smart Event Manager, Smart Security for Home and Office, Time In, and Face Recognition API Service.

School Time can be used in schools, including monitoring phone use among kindergarten pupils, maintaining attendance records for all students with their names, photos and ID numbers and a message program linking the schools with parents around the clock.

Smart Event Management keeps an eye on arrivals at a workplace, and Smart Security for Home and Office on the security of all areas and the arrivals and departures of all individuals, raising an alarm if there’s an unidentified intruder.

Time In involves a phone application by which employees can register their times clocking in and out of work and share the information with supervisors.

Face Recognition API Service can match a person’s facial characteristics between official database records and any still or moving image.

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