School increases safety measures after death of six-year-old boy

Published August 6, 2017 by SoClaimon

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School increases |safety measures after death of six-year-old boy

national August 05, 2017 01:00


Safety measures have been increased at Wat Choeng Len School in Ayutthaya province after a six-year-old boy died as a result of having been left in a locked pickup truck for hours earlier this week.

Chanachai Kongphon was left in the pickup on Monday because the driver forgot to check if all the children got out of his vehicle when they reached the school in the morning.

After being locked inside the vehicle for five hours, the boy fell into coma. He succumbed two days later.

Narawin Waimala, the school’s acting director said yesterday that the school itself did not operate transfer services for students. “But there are seven vehicles that have offered students regular transfer services. Five are operated by the private sector while two others are operated by municipalities,” |he said.

Chaba Rojanasen, the school’s director, plans to convene a meeting of all drivers providing transfer services to students in the hope of improving |student safety, he said.

“In addition, the school will from now on assign a teacher to check every school vehicle upon arrival to ensure all children get off,” he said.

Ruangsak Pakeeporn was on duty at the gate of the school yesterday. “There are teachers on the municipality-operated school vehicles too,” he added.

Ruangsak said teachers would also check the number of students present in their class and teachers will call parents if students are absent.

Teacher Nucharee Pienset said she was in charge of Chanachai’s class and often called the boy’s |parents about his absence.

“Chanachai was absent quite often because of asthma. On Monday, I didn’t double-check with his parents because we just talked the other day that he might need evening classes to make up for the classes he has missed,” she said.

Yesterday morning, teachers and students at the Wat Choeng Len School observed a minute silence in remembrance of Chanachai.

Udom Hapud, a 68-year-old dessert seller in front of the school, said she cried when after learning of Chanachai’s death.

“This boy was not talkative. But he always smiled when buying desserts from me. I am sad that he had now gone,” Udom said. She had already attended the bathing ritual for Chanachai’s body.

Man Sangsuwan, 59, who has provided transfer services to students for two years, said: “Normally, I check the number of children who get in and out. But after Chanachai’s case, I will be even more careful.”


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