PAD to submit appeal petition Monday

Published August 6, 2017 by SoClaimon

ศาสตร์เกษตรดินปุ๋ย : ขอบคุณแหล่งข้อมูล : หนังสือพิมพ์ The Nation

PAD holds a press conference to express its stance.

PAD holds a press conference to express its stance.

PAD to submit appeal petition Monday

politics August 04, 2017 14:30

By The Nation

The People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) plans to petition the National Anti-Corruption Commission. They will formally request that it appeals Wednesday’s court ruling acquitting ex-PM Somchai Wongsawat, and three other formerly powerful officials.

The Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Political Office Holders acquitted Somchai Wongsawat, his deputy Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, then-police chief Pol-General Patcharawat Wongsuwan, and then-Metropolitan police chief Pol-Lieutenant-General Suchart Muenkaew.

The four defendants were found not guilty in regard to the police crackdown on yellow-shirt protesters in October 2008 that left two people killed and more than 400 injured.

Panthep Puapongpan, one of the PAD’s key figures, said the group respected the court ruling, but it disagreed with it. The PAD considers that some of the legal facts addressed in the court decision may not be correct, he said.

Panthep noted that the administrative court had ruled shortly after the crackdown that the PAD-led protest was peaceful.

The group would petition the NACC, which has authority to appeal the case, to make an appeal. The plan to submit the petition this Monday, Panthep said.


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